Friday, 14 February 2014

Photographs In My Filofax

Photos In My Amazona

I have a number of photos that I've meant to do something with but never quite gotten around to actually doing anything with them.  As I wrote in a previous post I was hoping to start putting photos in to my Amzona and I'm pleased to say I've actually made a start.  Many of the photos were printed up for other projects but never got used. Some are full size prints such as The Woods In Winter but others were nine small images printed onto one full size print.

The Woods In Winter

Salisbury And The Cathedral

The Park & Derbyshire

Jay & Kit When They Were Small - A Work In Progress

The next photos I'm hoping to add are some that I took in London when I met up with Jay before he went to Morocco.  Whatever images I add I shall keep you updated.

Until next time 

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