Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mini Page Markers

 Utilising Some Luggage Tags

When I use any Filofax Organiser I often want to sub divide my sections but I rarely need full page dividers. To overcome this I decided to make some smaller than usual page markers.  I took some luggage tags which were fifty for 99p on Amazon.  I snipped some headings from one of my magazines, I used some Washi tape and some small pieces of punched paper.  I then laminated the tags and punched three holes.  Here is the finished result showing the three mini page markers that I made.

Find - Page Marker

Latest - Page Marker

Today - Page Marker

I'm certain these mini page markers will help me to find sub sections much more quickly.

Until next time


  1. These markers are really CUTE!!.. Have a great week! ~tina

  2. The cute and small! It is good various of pen

  3. Great idea! I've always wanted to make myself a page marker but just never got round to doing so.

  4. Cute, and a great way to use up supplies.

  5. I'm realizing that side tabs are not for me.. I am loving this idea to use tags for top tabs. Going home from work and making me a bunch!!! Thanks for the idea!