Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Latest Project

An Organiser, Planner & Notebook

For some time now I've wanted to be able to make my own organisers and possibly mini albums as well. Recently I came across a wonderful machine which would allow me to do just that.  Monika Wright a fellow Filofax lover did a post on her blog I Love It All about the Bind-It-All machine she uses to make her mini albums and gratitude journals.  I went to Papermaze here in the UK where I was able to purchase a machine for myself. What can I say, it's amazing. 

It's far from perfect and needs a few tweaks but here's my first attempt at making an organiser, planner and notebook combined.

My Bind-It All Machine

Organiser, Planner & Notebook Cover - Front & Back

Inside Front Cover
Bunty 1966

Inside Back Cover

Notes & Memos Section

Divider Reverse

Hackett Notepaper 
Charity Shop Find

Graph Paper

Manuscript Paper

Stickers In A Pay Packet

Envelope For Bits & Pieces

Lists Section

To Do List
Paperchase To Do Sheets

Charity Shop Find

Weekly Routine
Charity Shop Find Again

Made By Me

Finances Section

Cash Sheet
Mini Cash Book Pages

Incoming & Outgoing
Charity Shop

 Cash Sheet 2
Trimmed Cash Book Pages

Second Envelope For Bits And Pieces

I'm having problems sizing the images on my blog so I apologise for any photographic overload this may have caused you. I hope you've found the post as interesting as I did creating the organiser.

Until next time

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  1. Oh, my goodness...this is so fabulous and fun and bright and colorful. You will be finding every excuse to pull it out and plan and list your life to complete organization. I just love it. And I must add that for a first time, it looks quite perfect to me!

    Best Wishes for more crafty fun!