Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Tabbed Pages

I went shopping for some items of clothing yesterday but as always couldn't resist going into Paperchase to see if they had any stationery bargains.  Yet again I wasn't disappointed.  On the outside it looked as if it might be a tired old notebook but inside it was still in excellent condition.  At £1.20 it was also a very good bargain.

Paperchase Notebook Cover

Inside Tabbed Pages

The pages will be excellent not only as tabbed notepaper but also when I want to make dividers for my Filofax.  When it comes to laminating the pages it will take a lot of the hassle out of making tabs.

I haven't made any dividers yet but I have trimmed and punched some pages and put them into my A5 Amazona.

Tabbed Pages In My Amazona

Not if but when I make some dividers for my Filofax I shall be sure to give you an update.

Until next time

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Filofax Week 48

My Week

Please accept my apologies for not posting My Week for some time.  Hopefully I will once again become more consistent with my posts but there are no guarantees.  I haven't used my Filofax diary for a little while and forgot about the bleed through from my cartridge pen, hence the cover up with left over paper.  

I've had a quiet week this week after having food poisoning last week.  It was so bad I almost passed out, something I've never done before.  My head took quite a hit as I did collapse and even now a week later my head is slightly tender.  Back to this week though and here is My Week.

My Week

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my week and I also hope that your week will be a good one.

Until next time

Friday, 25 April 2014

Personalising My Filofax Or Planner

 Making It Work For Me

When I first began using a Filofax the set up I used was the same as the as the day I purchased it.  I fitted my needs around the layout I was presented with.  Then one day I realised it didn't need to be that way and it was time my Filofax worked for me.  This was a eureka moment when I realised I could do virtually anything that I wanted with my Filofax organiser.  Here are some of the changes that I made.

I make a lot of my own dividers and though they're not stationery to be used they often make me feel more positive.  Something that I've made is always nicer to look at than a white or beige piece of card.  Here are a couple of my favourite dividers.

My A5 Amazona Diary Divider

My Blog Divider In My Personal Songbird

One of the first changes I made to my Filofax was to place my diary in the centre of my organiser. Having my diary in the middle of my organiser makes it much easier to take the pages in and out of a stuffed organiser. Also I never keep more than two months' worth of pages in my organiser, anymore because if I do my Filofax begins to burst at the seams.  I still have my moments but I'm much better at minimising the amount of pages in my Filofax.

My Original Personal Filofax Was Always Getting Overstuffed

My Songbird Is A Much Leaner Organiser

I personally don't keep any addresses and phone numbers in my organisers.  Removing these pages helps slim down an organiser immensely.  Phone numbers and a few addresses are stored in my phone.  Also the Filofax I use on a daily basis no longer has an accounting/finance section.  I keep my financial information secure at home so I don't need to take it out with me on a daily basis.

Always an important part of any organiser is a To Do List.  I hardly ever use the ones from Filofax and will either make my own or use the ones from Paperchase.  Sometimes I even recycle my To Do List by covering it over and starting again.

Recycled To Do List

I realise that these are only a few of the ways I've personalised my Filofax organisers and made them work for me  but I hope you've found the ideas insightful.

Until next time

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Mood Board In My Filofax

An Ideas Area For When I'm Out And About

A few weeks ago as most of you will know I added an At Home section to my Filofax. Someone commented on how similar the pages were to a mood board and after some thought I decided to expand my At Home section to be more along the lines of a mood board.  I have expanded the idea by moving some of the ideas over to my A5 Amazona which will give me more working space.  I've created a page divider and also begun work on some of the pages. Here's a look at what I've created so far.

Mood Board Divider Front

Mood Board Divider Reverse

The backing paper came from my Paper Stack bookzine.  Most of the images are from Homemaker magazine but some are photographs are of items from my own home.  As always trimming, gluing and laminating were involved.

My First Page Of Ideas

First Ideas Page Reverse

I hope you've found the expansion of my At Home section as interesting as I have creating it.

Until next time

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Two Pockets

Keeping It Simple

When I decided to make some pockets for my new Personal Metropol I realised I wanted to keep them simple and basic.  One pocket is for money my off coupons and vouchers and the other is for monthly receipts of larger purchases. To achieve simplicity I decided to use some pay packets.  For the coupons pocket I printed off the word coupons and stuck it to the pay packet with a Pritt glue stick. On the reverse of the packet I glued a OneNote to do list for any notes about the coupons.  Here is the finished result.

Coupons Pocket

The monthly receipts pocket is very similar to the coupons pocket but has a OneNote to do list on the front as well as the reverse.  Dating each pocket monthly will make them easier to locate if needed in the future after they've been filed away.

Monthly Receipts - Front

Coupons And Monthly Receipts Reverse

I have plenty of pay packets so making new pockets on a regular basis should be quiet inexpensive.  As the design is basic they will also be quick and simple to make.

Until next time

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Another Page Marker

Joe Browns Page Marker - Plus A Button

I know I've made a few page markers recently but I just couldn't resist making another one for my Filofax.  I recently rediscovered a Joe Browns tag with a heart shaped button on and thought it would be great for another page marker. Firstly I snipped off the button then laminated the tag.  Then I punched a hole in the top of the tag and added some ribbon.  Next I got a needle and thread and stitched the button back on. Lastly I punched three holes so I could insert the page marker into my Filofax organiser.

Joe Browns Page Marker & Heart Shaped Button

Some of you may have noticed the Filofax is a red Personal Metropol which I've not mentioned before, suffice to say there will be a post coming soon on this new organiser.

Until next time

Mini To Do List

Printing Up To Do Lists

I'm always creating to do lists, some large and some small but on my Filofax diary pages I really need to keep them quite small.  To keep the to do lists a little neater I created a basic tick box list on OneNote and printed it up on some yellow card which is only as thick as paper. I trimmed up my lists on my paper cutter and then rounded the edges off.  I finally stuck the tick boxes into my diary with a Pritt stick and here's the finished result.

OneNote To Do List

This is the first of a number of projects I'm working on at the moment and I shall keep you updated on the progress of the others.

Until next time

Monday, 7 April 2014

At Home Section

Plus A Mini Page Marker

I've decided to add a sub section to my to do list called At Home.  In the At Home section I've pasted ideas for items I want to get for around my home.  Some images are just ideas of what I want where others are exactly what I would like to get. Other images and ideas are just hints for rearranging aspects of my home. Here's a look at my first page of ideas.

First Page Of Ideas/Images

Second Page of Ideas/Images

Mini Page Marker For At Home Section

To be able to find the section easily I had to make a mini page marker and as you can see I've used another luggage tag.

I hope you've found this small project interesting.

Until next time 

Friday, 4 April 2014

It's Gonna Get Dirty

Converse Page Marker

As some of you already know for Mother's Day I had a pair of wine coloured Converse. As with my Mother's Day card I wanted to perhaps have a more permanent reminder of them.  In one of the eyelets was a Converse tag which I thought would make another good page marker. Here is the page marker that I created.

Front Of Converse Page Marker

Reverse Of Converse Page Marker

Here Are My Converse

I know it's only one small page marker but I hope you like it.

Until next time

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Pocketful Of Hearts

A New Coupon Pocket

Unfortunately after much use in my Filofax Personal Songbird the pocket I use for my coupons has fallen apart and I needed to make a new one.  I took out my new Paper Stack bookzine to choose my new paper design and this is what I came up with.

New Pocket - Empty

New Songbird Pocket & Coupons

As always it was very simply to make.  I used some card which I purchased from The Works for the basic pocket.  I then trimmed some paper from my Paper Stack bookzine, glued the paper and attached it to the card.  To neaten the edges I used some Washi tape.  Finally all that was left to do was punch the holes.

The Paper Stack Bookzine Purchased In WH Smith

Hopefully no more pockets for a while but unfortunately I don't know how long they'll last or how much use they'll get.  

Until next time 

Mother's Day Dashboard

A Very Special Page Marker/Dashboard

So often when I get a card for my birthday, Mother's Day ect I put the card away safe in a box never to be looked at again.  Today I thought I would try something different.  Today I took the courageous step of cutting up the Mother's Day card, from my son Jay, l laminated it and put it in my Filofax organiser as a page marker/dashboard.  Here is the completed result.

Page Marker/Dashboard Front

Page Marker/Dashboard  Reverse

I believe by placing the card in my Filofax organiser I will get far more pleasure from it than placing it in a box where it will just gather dust.  Thank you Jay!

Until next time

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Diaries, Notes And To Do Lists

Paperchase Bargains

On Saturday I couldn't resist going into Paperchase to see if they had any bargains and I'm pleased to say my visit was not a disappointment. I bought two items, a large calendar notepad for £3 and a Diary for £2.25. 

Calendar Notepad

The sheets will be perfect for notes and more importantly my to do lists.

Paperchase Diary

These are perfect for making larger diary entries in my Filofax Identity.  The pages as always are great to write on as the extra thickness prevents bleed through from my fountain pen. 

I'm really pleased with my purchases and have already started using them with excellent results.

Until next time