Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Mood Board In My Filofax

An Ideas Area For When I'm Out And About

A few weeks ago as most of you will know I added an At Home section to my Filofax. Someone commented on how similar the pages were to a mood board and after some thought I decided to expand my At Home section to be more along the lines of a mood board.  I have expanded the idea by moving some of the ideas over to my A5 Amazona which will give me more working space.  I've created a page divider and also begun work on some of the pages. Here's a look at what I've created so far.

Mood Board Divider Front

Mood Board Divider Reverse

The backing paper came from my Paper Stack bookzine.  Most of the images are from Homemaker magazine but some are photographs are of items from my own home.  As always trimming, gluing and laminating were involved.

My First Page Of Ideas

First Ideas Page Reverse

I hope you've found the expansion of my At Home section as interesting as I have creating it.

Until next time

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