Friday, 25 April 2014

Personalising My Filofax Or Planner

 Making It Work For Me

When I first began using a Filofax the set up I used was the same as the as the day I purchased it.  I fitted my needs around the layout I was presented with.  Then one day I realised it didn't need to be that way and it was time my Filofax worked for me.  This was a eureka moment when I realised I could do virtually anything that I wanted with my Filofax organiser.  Here are some of the changes that I made.

I make a lot of my own dividers and though they're not stationery to be used they often make me feel more positive.  Something that I've made is always nicer to look at than a white or beige piece of card.  Here are a couple of my favourite dividers.

My A5 Amazona Diary Divider

My Blog Divider In My Personal Songbird

One of the first changes I made to my Filofax was to place my diary in the centre of my organiser. Having my diary in the middle of my organiser makes it much easier to take the pages in and out of a stuffed organiser. Also I never keep more than two months' worth of pages in my organiser, anymore because if I do my Filofax begins to burst at the seams.  I still have my moments but I'm much better at minimising the amount of pages in my Filofax.

My Original Personal Filofax Was Always Getting Overstuffed

My Songbird Is A Much Leaner Organiser

I personally don't keep any addresses and phone numbers in my organisers.  Removing these pages helps slim down an organiser immensely.  Phone numbers and a few addresses are stored in my phone.  Also the Filofax I use on a daily basis no longer has an accounting/finance section.  I keep my financial information secure at home so I don't need to take it out with me on a daily basis.

Always an important part of any organiser is a To Do List.  I hardly ever use the ones from Filofax and will either make my own or use the ones from Paperchase.  Sometimes I even recycle my To Do List by covering it over and starting again.

Recycled To Do List

I realise that these are only a few of the ways I've personalised my Filofax organisers and made them work for me  but I hope you've found the ideas insightful.

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