Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Two Pockets

Keeping It Simple

When I decided to make some pockets for my new Personal Metropol I realised I wanted to keep them simple and basic.  One pocket is for money my off coupons and vouchers and the other is for monthly receipts of larger purchases. To achieve simplicity I decided to use some pay packets.  For the coupons pocket I printed off the word coupons and stuck it to the pay packet with a Pritt glue stick. On the reverse of the packet I glued a OneNote to do list for any notes about the coupons.  Here is the finished result.

Coupons Pocket

The monthly receipts pocket is very similar to the coupons pocket but has a OneNote to do list on the front as well as the reverse.  Dating each pocket monthly will make them easier to locate if needed in the future after they've been filed away.

Monthly Receipts - Front

Coupons And Monthly Receipts Reverse

I have plenty of pay packets so making new pockets on a regular basis should be quiet inexpensive.  As the design is basic they will also be quick and simple to make.

Until next time