Friday, 30 May 2014

TV Catch Up

Catch Up All In One Place

Sometimes I get fed up scrolling through my Sky TV planner to find what programmes I've previously recorded.  To make remembering and looking up programmes easier and quicker I've made myself a TV Catch Up page with One Note for my Amazona Filofax.  I printed off my One Note blank list and pasted it onto one of my squared pages.  Using the squared paper allows me to have lots of tick boxes. There is usually more than one episode of a TV show recorded so I can also use the squares for writing down the number of episodes. Here is what I've created with some of my catch up shows already added.

Catch Up Page

I haven't put every show or movie on my list as some are only in my Sky Planner in case I get desperate for something to watch.  The large amount of movies with Cillian Murphy will not go on my list as I am unlikely to forget them.

Plain and simple but I hope you found my TV Catch Up page interesting.

Until next time

Friday, 23 May 2014

A Summer Bag For My Filofax

An Old Bag Cut To Size

I'm always looking for new bags to put my Filofax organisers in especially when I'm using an A5 size.  I often put the smaller personal sizes in my everyday bag but A5 organisers can make my bag very heavy.  I've had a Primark bag since December and thought it would be ideal for taking my Filofax into town.  Primark bags have lovely long straps which is perfect for throwing over your shoulder.  The bag itself was a little long so I trimmed off some of the excess fabric and then re-stitched it.  The bag has a hint of Christmas about it but I don't mind, here is the finished result, 

Primark Cloth Bag - Approximate Cost £1.25

A Perfect Sized Bag For My Amazona

Also Perfect For My  Kindle, Pencil Case & A Few Other Bits As Well

Well that's my new bag, I hope you like it even if it does have a hint of Christmas about it.

Until next time

Monday, 19 May 2014

My Weekend

 A Couple Of Days Away With My Filofax

Instead of doing My Week I've decided this week to do a post about My Weekend instead.  I don't often go away but this weekend I stayed for two nights at a youth hostel on the South Downs.  To say the weather was fantastic was an understatement. The location was lovely and there was lots of wildlife to be seen and heard.  So here's my weekend.

Saturday Diary

My Journey & Destination


Sunday Diary

Hostel & Seaford

Planning What To Do

I was unable to do the walking I intended because I wasn't very well on Sunday morning.  I did go into Seaford and it was exceptionally nice.  There was also a lovely breezy blowing in from the sea.

I hope you find my weekend interesting and I also hope you all have a great week.

Until next time 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Change Of Filofax And A Change Of Setup

Back To My A5 Amazona

No matter how hard I try I never seem to be able to stay away from my Amazona for long.  As always I've been tweaking my setup and come up with one that's a mix of old and new. I've taken some new photos of my projects and brought them together to give you an idea of my setup. I warn you now that this post is very heavy on photographs so don't say you haven't been warned.

My Dashboard

Note Planner

Coupon Pocket

Mother's Day Page Marker From My Son

My Diary

One of my newer dividers made recently for my diary.

Paperchase Diary Pages

Drama Divider With Mr Murphy, Mr Cumberbatch, Mr Tennant Ect

This drama divider was created in January and after four months I still find it very useful. 

Book Divider

My book divider was also created in January and continues to work well.

Mood Board

My mood board which I created last month.

David Tennant Page Marker

My Amazona would not be complete without Mr Tennant.

Photograph Divider

I still have a few more dividers to make to complete my setup and will you know when they're nearing completion.

Until next time

Monday, 12 May 2014

To Do Page Update

A New Divider

I wasn't expecting to do a post about a divider for my To Do Page so quickly after my recent blog post about it but then I never know when an opportunity or idea will present itself.  I realised I needed to put some more diary pages into my Amazona and that was when I came across a Paperchase diary I bought on sale.  

Paperchase Diary

As well as diary pages there are also a number of removable dividers.  You should just be able to make out the clear plastic dividers on the edge of the diary below.

Inside Of Diary

I trimmed some double sided Paperstack paper to A5 size then attached it to the clear planner divider with clear glue.  Here is the completed divider with a little Washi tape for adding punched holes in the correct places.

Planner Divider Front

Planner Divider Reverse

Until I decide I want a change I think the divider will do just fine.

Until next time

Paper Monday

Replenishing The Pages Of My Filofax Organisers

I've been very busy today cutting, trimming and punching paper for my Filofax organisers. Some pages are A5, some are Personal sized pages and others are just random sizes made from left over paper.

So Many Pads To Choose From

Nearly everyone of these pads was bought on reduction or at a clearance price.

Personal & Random Sized Pages

Personal Pukka Pages

Silvine Personal Pages

I absolutely love square pages for making notes.

A5 Tabbed Pages

To Do Pad Sheets From Paperchase

Pukka Pages In My Personal Metropol

Random Sized Pages In My Personal Metropol

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with all the photographs of pages I've cut up for my Filofax organisers, I shall try and go easy on the number of photographs in my next blog post.

Until next time 

To Do Page

 A New Layout

For some time I've wanted to create a new To Do Page and have finally gotten around to doing something about it.  I wanted a page that was less random and would also have sections for specific topics.  I used some A4 square paper which I cut down to size, just slightly smaller than A5.  I printed up some of my One Note lists; I then trimmed them to size before gluing them to the pages.  The finishing touch was adding some Washi tap before punching the page holes. This is what I've managed to produce so far.

New To Do List

One Note To Do Lists

I hope to create a new divider for these to do pages and shall be doing another blog post when it is completed.

Until next time

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lighthouse Divider

Yet Another Diary Divider

I've reached that stage where yet again I want but do not necessarily need a new divider for my Amazona. Once again I've tried to keep my divider simple.  I've used two photographs of lighthouses and one short line of text.  I don't know why but I've always felt an affinity with lighthouses and the sea, this way I'll be able to look at both everyday.

Diary Divider Front

The text comes from the same source as the photographs and refers to the lighthouse lamp room.

Diary Divider Reverse

I hope you like my lighthouse diary divider and will post you shortly about my next project.

Until next time