Friday, 23 May 2014

A Summer Bag For My Filofax

An Old Bag Cut To Size

I'm always looking for new bags to put my Filofax organisers in especially when I'm using an A5 size.  I often put the smaller personal sizes in my everyday bag but A5 organisers can make my bag very heavy.  I've had a Primark bag since December and thought it would be ideal for taking my Filofax into town.  Primark bags have lovely long straps which is perfect for throwing over your shoulder.  The bag itself was a little long so I trimmed off some of the excess fabric and then re-stitched it.  The bag has a hint of Christmas about it but I don't mind, here is the finished result, 

Primark Cloth Bag - Approximate Cost £1.25

A Perfect Sized Bag For My Amazona

Also Perfect For My  Kindle, Pencil Case & A Few Other Bits As Well

Well that's my new bag, I hope you like it even if it does have a hint of Christmas about it.

Until next time

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  1. Love the hint of Christmas, great idea to trim the bag down.