Friday, 30 May 2014

TV Catch Up

Catch Up All In One Place

Sometimes I get fed up scrolling through my Sky TV planner to find what programmes I've previously recorded.  To make remembering and looking up programmes easier and quicker I've made myself a TV Catch Up page with One Note for my Amazona Filofax.  I printed off my One Note blank list and pasted it onto one of my squared pages.  Using the squared paper allows me to have lots of tick boxes. There is usually more than one episode of a TV show recorded so I can also use the squares for writing down the number of episodes. Here is what I've created with some of my catch up shows already added.

Catch Up Page

I haven't put every show or movie on my list as some are only in my Sky Planner in case I get desperate for something to watch.  The large amount of movies with Cillian Murphy will not go on my list as I am unlikely to forget them.

Plain and simple but I hope you found my TV Catch Up page interesting.

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