Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Protecting My Filofax Organiser

A Seersucker Cover

I've become rather tired of putting my Filofax organisers into bags to protect them so I decided to make a cover for my organisers that would fit around them and protect them in that respect. I used an old seersucker table cloth, cut it to size then stitched the inside folds top and bottom. It will protect my Filofax when I'm out plus it is easy to remove.  Being easy to remove makes it very convenient for me to wash it when the fabric gets dirty.

Filofax & Fabric Prior To Cover Being Made

Front Of Cover 

Front Cover - Side View

To accommodate the closer I cut then stitched a small opening.

Inside Fold Stitched Top & Bottom With A Running Stitch

Reverse Inner Fold

Out & About With My Newly Covered Amazona

Well that's my new protective cover for my Amazona, I've made a few more covers and I hope to show them to you shortly.

Until next time 

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