Tuesday, 1 July 2014

To Do Pages


When I made  up my last pages for general notes and to do lists I thought they'd benefit from a little personalisation and this is what I created.

General To Do List

The flower post it was part of a book bought on sale in Paperchase for £2.25.  The grateful stamp is part of a set of five stampers bought on Amazon UK.

More To Do Lists

The stampers and flowered post it are again from the same sources.  The To Do sticker came from a pack I purchased from the Range.

The birds came from the Range, the pink squares came from an independent art shop, the To Do list I made myself with OneNote 2010 and finally I used a scrap of Washi tape.

The personalisation gives my pages variety and stops them from looking to bland.  With all the bits and pieces I have for personalisation no two pages need ever look the same.

Until next time

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