Thursday, 28 August 2014

"I'm In"

"It's Always A Good Time"

"Owl City"

In the words of my niece Mina "After all the recent terrible tragedies that have happened and are happening, this world needs as much kindness as it can get."  Following in her initiative I'm going to Pay it Forward.  It may be small or it may be large but whoever leaves a comment on my blog plus "I'm in" will receive something Filofax related through their mail box in the next couple of months. Envelopes and packets will be sent out from next week. Once you've left your comment email me your address at: while also letting me know what size Filofax Organiser you have.  Some of the items I send out may be home made and others will be bought, I hope they will bring a little pleasure into your life. Once you've received something perhaps you too can pay it forward.


Page Marker

Coupon Pocket

The above are just a few possibilities of what you might receive but do remember no two designs will probably be the same. 

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Until next time 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Unexpected Bills

Bill Planner

Virtually all my bills are paid by direct debit or standing order but just recently some extra bills have been cropping up that cannot be covered in this way.  To help me not to forget theses extra bills and not incur any penalties or charges I've created a planner page for my extra monthly bills.  As on a number of previous occasions I created a simple table.  There are four columns with the headers Payee, Due Date, Amount and finally a tick box when the bill has been paid.  I took a piece of paper from bookzine Bookstack and trimmed it to size.  I used a Pritt Stick to adhere the bill planner to the page, added some Washi Tape and then punched my holes.

Monthly Bills

Not one of my best photographs but I hope you get the general idea about what I'm hoping to achieve.

I only started it this month but I hope it will turn out to be useful.

Until next time

Recycled Diary Pages

Monthly Diary

I've felt lately that I need some diary pages in my Amazona for the months ahead.  I only keep enough diary pages in my planners for two months, hence I felt the urge to create something to note down forthcoming events.  I purchased the diary for half price at Paperchase and have found many uses for it within my planners.  This is the front page.

August Diary Page

Very little was needed to be done to the page other than adding a little extra paper to the edge after the perforations were trimmed off.  

Diary Page Reverse

The reverse of the diary page varies slightly; it has the same piece of added paper (two designs, one sheet) plus some Washi Tape. This allows the extra paper to bond more firmly. I then punched the holes and this is the end result.

It's great for noting down important dates for the upcoming months.

Until next time

A5 Fine Art Dashboard

Dashboard Number Two

First of all I want to apologise for my lack of posts in the past month, various reasons but mainly ones connected to health and home.  Hopefully my blog postings will now improve and get back to normal.  

I felt my A5 Amazona could do with a new dashboard and again I went to my free fine art catalogues for inspiration.  As you may recall that was the content of my last blog post.  Here are the two images I chose.

Couple On Pier

I love this image of the couple on the pier; unfortunately it also makes me think of Eastbourne Pier which was badly damaged this week by fire.

Dancing Couple

I can't recall if this couple are a bride and groom but again I think it's a lovely image.

I have a number of blog posts planned and I hope to have some of them up before I go to Scotland next week.

Until next time