Friday, 1 August 2014

Unexpected Bills

Bill Planner

Virtually all my bills are paid by direct debit or standing order but just recently some extra bills have been cropping up that cannot be covered in this way.  To help me not to forget theses extra bills and not incur any penalties or charges I've created a planner page for my extra monthly bills.  As on a number of previous occasions I created a simple table.  There are four columns with the headers Payee, Due Date, Amount and finally a tick box when the bill has been paid.  I took a piece of paper from bookzine Bookstack and trimmed it to size.  I used a Pritt Stick to adhere the bill planner to the page, added some Washi Tape and then punched my holes.

Monthly Bills

Not one of my best photographs but I hope you get the general idea about what I'm hoping to achieve.

I only started it this month but I hope it will turn out to be useful.

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  1. I like the look of pages for stuff like this, but I'm lazy about making them so I always just end up making a list and free-handing it.

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