Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Zipped Raspberry Filofax Pennybridge Compact Organiser

Raspberry Delight

Here’s a very quick post from me to tell you about my new Filofax organiser, hopefully I can show you more of my new Pennybridge shortly.  I hadn't intended buying a new organiser (I so often don't) but this delight in raspberry was too hard to resist. As always it wasn't to expensive, it should have been £35 instore at WH Smith but a friend kindly leant me their 20% discount card that Smith's had been issuing to customers.  That took the price down to £28.  My son gave me £10 as an early birthday present which took the cost down further to £18.  I must say that had Janet at This Bug's Life not done a blog post about a Compact Filofax I probably wouldn't have been tempted by a new organiser, thank you Janet.

Pennybridge - Sideways


Inside Front Cover

Front Cover Pockets - There Are So Many Of Them

The Pennybridge is so compact it's allowed me to dispense with the need to have a large purse inside my handbag as well.  Without my old purse my bag has become much lighter.

Hopefully I will be able to do another post soon to give you a better idea of my new organiser.

Until next time

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Filofax Week 1

My Week

Because of the lack of postings of My Week I've decided to start again at week one.  My last posting was a special, My Weekend which was back in May when I stayed at a youth hostel.  Hopefully I will get back to posting My Week on a weekly basis.  As so often is the case I've had a busy week but nothing overly exciting.  Saying that I will post a photo I took of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race on Saturday. As so often is the case with this type of event, blink and you miss it. 

Here after a long break is My Week.

My Week

Tour Of Britain Cycle Race

Alex Dowsett and Sir Bradley Wiggins were almost certainly there but I couldn't be sure, they moved so fast.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing My Week and I also hope that your week will be a good one.

Until next time 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reorganising My Amazona

A Little Organisation And Some Book Rings

Recently I've been using my Amazona A5 Filofax organiser (which you may recall I got from Janet at This Bug's Life) to hold some social science reading notes I've been working with but that area of study is now complete until next year.  I now need to remove virtually all the paperwork from my Filofax and get it ready for storage as Amazona will now be used for a different project.

My Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Laid Flat & Book Rings

 Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Side View

Amazona After Reorganising - Top View

Amazona After Reorganising - Side View

The book rings came from The Glitter Pot.  I bought them a few years ago and they are still on sale at the same price of £1.99.  Postage and packing is still very reasonable, free with an order over £40 and only £1 if your order is £9.99 or less.

I haven't removed all the pages from my Amazona as I'm going to need some of them for my next project.  A lot of what remains inside the Amazona is only paper ready to be used.  My Amazona is now much lighter and ready for however I use it next.

Until next time

Thursday, 11 September 2014

North Of The Border

Paperchase Glasgow

Before I commence with my new post apologies for not making contact with all the people who have been in touch with me regarding my last post "It's Always A Good Time", I have had a terrible cold recently which was then replaced with a sinus infection.  To all you lovely people I shall be in touch shortly.  

Last month (you can tell how far behind I am) I visited my son Jay in Scotland.  This was my first trip north of the border and I was in no way disappointed.  The people, architecture, shops and weather were fantastic.  The jury is still out on the bagpipers who were practising in the local park for up to twelve hours a day.

One of the first places I went was the Paperchase store in Buchanan Street Glasgow.  It's equally as nice as the Tottenham Court Road branch in London.

Buchanan Street Paperchase

When I was inside the store I asked permission from a lovely guy called Joseph if I could take some photos for my blog and he said it wouldn't be a problem.  He was so helpful and friendly and even tweaked some of the planners for me.

The Organisers

The Filofax Section After Joseph Tweaked It

Some More Organisers

Upstairs At Paperchase

Unfortunately I didn't buy very much in Paperchase even though it was brimming with fantastic organisers and stationery.

After I left Paperchase I popped into John Lewis nearby but didn't purchase anything there.  I did however see Olympic and Commonwealth swimming medallist Michael Jamieson who unfortunately wasn't wearing his Speedos.  

Michael Jamieson

Finally after all that I retired to Cafe Nero to update my Filofax.

Cafe Nero With My Filofax

I was only in Glasgow for five days so I only saw a small part of the city but I have to admit I did visit Paperchase more than once.

Until next time