Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reorganising My Amazona

A Little Organisation And Some Book Rings

Recently I've been using my Amazona A5 Filofax organiser (which you may recall I got from Janet at This Bug's Life) to hold some social science reading notes I've been working with but that area of study is now complete until next year.  I now need to remove virtually all the paperwork from my Filofax and get it ready for storage as Amazona will now be used for a different project.

My Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Laid Flat & Book Rings

 Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Side View

Amazona After Reorganising - Top View

Amazona After Reorganising - Side View

The book rings came from The Glitter Pot.  I bought them a few years ago and they are still on sale at the same price of £1.99.  Postage and packing is still very reasonable, free with an order over £40 and only £1 if your order is £9.99 or less.

I haven't removed all the pages from my Amazona as I'm going to need some of them for my next project.  A lot of what remains inside the Amazona is only paper ready to be used.  My Amazona is now much lighter and ready for however I use it next.

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