Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Zipped Raspberry Filofax Pennybridge Compact Organiser

Raspberry Delight

Here’s a very quick post from me to tell you about my new Filofax organiser, hopefully I can show you more of my new Pennybridge shortly.  I hadn't intended buying a new organiser (I so often don't) but this delight in raspberry was too hard to resist. As always it wasn't to expensive, it should have been £35 instore at WH Smith but a friend kindly leant me their 20% discount card that Smith's had been issuing to customers.  That took the price down to £28.  My son gave me £10 as an early birthday present which took the cost down further to £18.  I must say that had Janet at This Bug's Life not done a blog post about a Compact Filofax I probably wouldn't have been tempted by a new organiser, thank you Janet.

Pennybridge - Sideways


Inside Front Cover

Front Cover Pockets - There Are So Many Of Them

The Pennybridge is so compact it's allowed me to dispense with the need to have a large purse inside my handbag as well.  Without my old purse my bag has become much lighter.

Hopefully I will be able to do another post soon to give you a better idea of my new organiser.

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  1. love my purple pennybridge too!