Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Philofaxy Meetup

Sunday 9th November

Almost another time for another Philofaxy meetup again and as always I'm really looking forward to it.  It's always lovely to meet up with like minded lovers of Filofax and other planners.

Organisers And Filofaxes May 2014

Lots Of Conversation

A Wide Selection Of Freshly Cooked Italian Meals

If your interested in attending go to Philofaxy and check out the details for the event then contact Steve to see if there are any vacancies.

Until next time

Monday, 27 October 2014

Post Its

Pukka Divider Notes

I can't recall where I bought these Divider Notes from Pukka but they're fantastic for making notes in my Filofax. I have a feeling I may have purchased them at Rymans.

Pukka Divider Notes

I've removed some of the Divider Notes and punched holes along the edge so that I can keep them in my Filofax for when I need them.

Divider Notes Pages

Having a tab on the pages makes it extremely easy to locate notes that I've put in my organiser, a real bonus in a stuffed Filofax.  Some of the colours are almost florescent which can make them easier to locate. I think they cost me less than £3 which makes them quite reasonable to buy.

Until next time

An Envelope For Bits & Pieces

Internal Envelope

I'm always looking for new ideas to add variety to my Filofax organisers and recently decided an internal envelope as a pocket would do just that.  I looked around for some inexpensive internal envelopes and managed to purchase 25 for £3.00, including postage and packing from Amazon UK.

Internal Envelope Pocket

Even inside my A5 Identity the envelope was a little too large so I had to trim the outside edge to make it fit.   I then resealed the edge with some Washi tape.  It's really great for holding notes ect plus the top of the envelope is resealable for extra security.  I consider it a nice addition to my Filofax while also being inexpensive.

Until next time

Friday, 24 October 2014

Letters & Correspondence

Correspondence Sheet

The past week has been chaotic dealing with various people and companies I've needed to get in touch with. Unfortunately the contact I've made doesn't end there; I now have to follow up with a letter. These letters often have to be done quite quickly and I was staring to lose track of all the correspondence that needed sending.  So to hopefully make any correspondence a little easier I've now created a table in Microsoft Office for my A5 Identity Filofax.  No guarantees it will work but at least I've brought some sort of order to the chaos.

Here's the list I've created.  As usual it's reasonably simple but simplicity appears to work best.

Correspondence Replies

Only time will show how well it's working but I'm sure it will do the job I require just fine

Until next time

Holidays Are Coming

Christmas Card List

It doesn't seem that long ago since I was making a Christmas card list but actually almost fourteen months have gone by.  To get myself started with the spirit of Christmas I've made myself a new list but this time it's for my A5 Identity Filofax.  To make my list I used a basic table from Word Microsoft Office and added a clipart which also came from Word. Here's my finished list.

Christmas Card List 2014

I just love this old fashioned Santa and I feel he's perfect for my Christmas card List.

Until next time