Monday, 27 October 2014

Post Its

Pukka Divider Notes

I can't recall where I bought these Divider Notes from Pukka but they're fantastic for making notes in my Filofax. I have a feeling I may have purchased them at Rymans.

Pukka Divider Notes

I've removed some of the Divider Notes and punched holes along the edge so that I can keep them in my Filofax for when I need them.

Divider Notes Pages

Having a tab on the pages makes it extremely easy to locate notes that I've put in my organiser, a real bonus in a stuffed Filofax.  Some of the colours are almost florescent which can make them easier to locate. I think they cost me less than £3 which makes them quite reasonable to buy.

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  1. How do you handle the sticky backs of post-its when you hole punch them? Do they lose their sticky from page turning?