Monday, 24 November 2014

Domino A5 Filofax - December Daily

December Daily 
Part Two

I went into town today and found the perfect material to cover my Purple A5 Domino, dark green fabric with snowflakes.  Below is a photo to remind you of how my Filofax looked before I covered it.

A5 Purple Domino

Domino Filofax With Snowflake Cover

To make the new cover wrap around my Filofax more easily I've removed the elastic band that kept the organiser closed.

New Cover & Santa Key

To keep the organiser closed I've stitched dark green ribbon to each side of it so that it can easily be tied shut.

Well that was the second look at my December Daily organiser; hopefully I will have the third and final part with you soon.

Until next time

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Purple Domino A5 Filofax - December Daily

December Daily 
Part One

This year for the first time I'm going to document December and Christmas with my A5 Purple Domino.  What I'm actually doing is referred to as December Daily.  Virtually everything I'm using to set up my Filofax will be items I already have. First of all here's the Filofax I'll be using:

A5 Purple Domino

Inside Cover of December Daily

This is the calendar that I'll be using which I downloaded for free from the lovely blog Stitch in Time. 

December 2014 Calendar

The paper tape below is part of a three pack from Tiger costing £2.

Page Divider

Second Page Divider

Recently Made Christmas Card List

My Dresser Last Christmas

I found this image of Santa in a thirty year old Marks & Spencer book I bought in a charity shop.


Also found in the Marks & Spencer Christmas book.

Mrs Beeton's Christmas Cake

Table and clipart from Office 2010

Tasks Before Christmas

We Three Kings

The key above was £1 in Poundland.

Apologies for the post being picture heavy in part one and even more photos coming in part two.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse of my December Daily Filofax and you find part two just as interesting when I post it.

Until next time