Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Daily List

Lists For My A5 Finsbury

Firstly I just like to say I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  Mine was quite but very enjoyable. I know it's a little early but I also hope you have a fantastic New Year.

I recently changed my daily list so that it looked lot less rambling and more precise.  The paper I'm using for my list came from my six part Paperchase notebook.

Not My Best Photo - Paperchase Notepaper

I've divided my page up into the following sections: health, sleep, journal notes, to do, don't forget,shopping and appointments.


Some of my sections such as to do and shopping are obvious needs for a lot of lists. Sleep and journal notes are more personalised needs. I need to monitor my sleep pattern and insomnia for my specialist hence that's on the daily list. Journal notes make it much easier for me than carrying my journal everywhere when I'm out and about. I can then add my notes to my journal when I return home.

Completed Daily List

I'm trying to be economical with my paper so I'm now using the reverse side as well. I also flip the page over so the list is always on the right of my Filofax.  The header block is now at the bottom but that's not a problem.

I like to think it's a useful but not very expensive addition to my Filofax.

Until next time

Monday, 2 November 2015

New To Do Lists Courtesy Of The Card Factory

To Do Lists For My A5 Finsbury

Firstly it's been some months since I've posted and yet again my absence is due to health reasons. Unfortunately I have had terrible chronic fatigue.  This had made concentration very difficult. I will post when I can but hopefully it won't be some months before I post again.  Here's my post for today.

Today I went in to town and came across theses pads in The Card Factory and I couldn't resist at £1.99 a pack.

List Packs From The Card Factory

When I don't want to print up lists this pack is excellent.  The pages are exactly the right size for my A5 Finsbury; all I have to do is punch holes in the lists.

The pads are extremely easy to remove without causing them any damage. 

Weekly List

The weekly list will be excellent for making extra notes and will fit nicely with to do lists or in my diary.

To Do List

I can never have too many to do lists, no matter how many I think I have in reserve I always need more.

Current List

They're very similar to a lot of my to do lists but at £1.99 I think they're excellent value for money and save me time printing.

I like to think they're a nice addition to my Filofax stationery.

Until next time

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Filofax Week

My Week

Week Ending 14th June

Yet again I've had a quiet week.  I was expecting to be busy but at the last minute people cancelled appointments and unfortunately so did I.  That said I hope you find My Week interesting.

 The First Half Of My Week

The Second Half Of My Week

Hopefully this week coming will be a little more exciting than last.  Not necessarily busier but certainly a little more interesting.

I hope that you've all had a good week.

Until next time

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Going Away List For My Metropol

A Packing List For Going Away

I don't go away often but when I do I hate wondering if I've forgotten to pack something. To help try and overcame this problem I've created this packing list to keep in my Red Metropol.  

I'm sure my list will always need tweaking depending on the reason why I'm going away. That said I'm sure I will have plenty of extra pages for adding anything extra.

Until next time

Another Planning List

New Dividers

Now that I have my new A5 Finsbury (post definitely coming soon) I need to make some dividers for it. I'm just at the planning stage and have created a planning list to put in my Personal Metropol.  Not only will I be making dividers for my Finsbury but also my Metropol where some of the dividers are getting a little tired.  Here's my list and I hope you find it interesting.

Divider List

As you can see there is plenty to keep me busy.

Until next time

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Filofax Week

My Week

I can't remember the last time I did My Week but below is my most recent one from my new A5 Finsbury.  Not a fantastically busy week as you can see. One of the highlights was the arrival of my new Finsbury. Hopefully I will be able to do a blog post about my new Finsbury shortly. Here's My Week and I hope you find it interesting.

My Week - Week Ending June 7th

I hope you all had a good week.

Until next time

Saturday, 6 June 2015

A New Bag For My Filofax And Other Bits And Pieces

A Second Bag To Lighten My Load

Often when I go out I put way too much 'stuff' in my bag.  To balance the weight I treated myself to a new bag this week.  The bag looks very similar to Cath Kidston bags but came from an inexpensive store called Shoezone.  Here is the bag that I bought.

My New Flowery Bag

Love To Shop Vouchers

Last week I did a 20 minute phone interview with a company I deal with and they gave me shopping vouchers for my time.  Some of the vouchers helped pay for the bag.  The cost was ten pound in vouchers plus £2.99 from me.  I think it's quite a nice bag for the price.

Plenty Of Room Inside For My Red Personal Metropol

I Can Also Fit In My Tablet & It's Case

Space Inside For My Pen/Pencil Roll Which I Bought From Amazon For About £1.35

The Outside Of My Pen/Pencil Roll

I can also fit in a clear plastic pencil case with glue, small scissors, washi tape and a Sharpie pen.

The second bag definitely makes carrying extra bits and pieces around much easier.

Until next time

Friday, 5 June 2015


"Live A Life You Will Remember"

(Nicholas Furlong & Aviccii)

While I was out today I put together a list of goals I would like to achieve. Nothing ground breaking but some list items will probably test my endurance.  Here's the list I created.

My Goals

Keeping it simple I used Paperchase paper suitable for a Personal Filofax. Washi tape and a Sharpie pen for the heading.  I like to create and print off my own lists but I also like to create ones with pen and paper.  

The Filofax I'm using at the moment is my red Personal Metropol. 

I hope you found my post interesting but also hope it's given you ideas for creating your own simple lists.

Until next time

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bullet Journal Pages

Making Pages For My Filofax

Firstly apologies for my blogging absence which yet again is down to health reasons, I never intended my absence to be this long.  I could explain what my problems are but there simply aren't enough hours in an day.

Now that I'm back my new post as you may have guessed is about my bullet journaling.  I've started using bullet journaling to try and simplify my life even more. My bullet journaling covers many areas and is not exclusive to my Filofax.  Hopefully I will be able to show you exactly what I'm doing in these other areas when I put up future posts.

Here is the basic template I've created for possible blog posts bullet lists.  Some of you may remember I did a post in 2014 called Keeping It Simple, I made small lists for some pockets which were made using OneNote. My blog post bullet lists are very similar to those.

Bullet Pages For My A5 Finsbury Filofax

The main page is from a 6 part A5 notebook from Paperchase.  The page edges were trimmed as the two punched holes didn't fit my Filofax.  I then used a single hole punch to put the six holes in the correct places.  I rounded the page corners of my lists with a small punch. The bullet list was then glued to the Paperchase page.  The Washi tape keeps the list firmly attached.

Possible Blog Post Bullet List

This is what my first possible blog post bullet list looks like.  Having the template to work with makes creating bullet lists much simpler.  If I need to tweak the template for other projects it shouldn't be too difficult.

I hope to be posting again soon with more ideas for my Filofax and my bullet journals.  I hope you've found my post interesting.

Until next time

Friday, 20 February 2015

Menopause And A Filofax

My Best Friend

I thought like many women that when you hit the menopause it would be a change that happened swiftly.  How wrong could I be?  The menopause can creep up on you for over ten years in the form of peri-menopause before your menopause truly kicks in. With peri-menopause you get all sorts of symptoms to numerous to mention.. Even when you are post-menopausal symptoms you experience when peri-menopausal don’t disappear overnight. I thought I knew what to expect of the menopause but again I was wrong.  I've so far had very few hot sweats/flashes but the way it affects my mind is another story.  Until I came across the book Menopause & The Mind by Claire Warga I thought I was the only one suffering with mental difficulties at this time of change but this simply wasn't the case. 
On top of the menopause I also suffer from insomnia and fatigue.  Lately because of all these health issues I need my Filofax organiser even more. 
My post is not here to go in depth on the numerous symptoms connected to the peri-menopause or the menopause but just to give fellow sufferers specific tips and coping mechanisms to help with changes they may be going through.
The number one coping mechanism in my life has been my Filofax organisers.  My Filofax is my new best friend.  My Filofax allows me to make appointments in my diary that I mustn't forget, a meals section to remind me what we've had for dinner throughout the week plus a list of regular meals, a books and Kindle section helps to keep track of characters and plots in novels, I have a section for tracking aspects of my health and finally a pocket to put emergency cash in.
Some ladies never suffer during th is time of change at all with concentration problems, moments when the mind goes blank and foggy thinking.  For those of you who do I hope that some of my ideas will prove helpful.
First of all here is a look at my Filofax organiser I'm using at the moment.

Pink Personal Leather Filofax

This is the Filofax organiser I'm using at present, my Pink leather Personal Filofax.  Filofax organisers comes in various sizes so you can have one that's smaller or larger depending on your own personal needs.

The Front Section Of My Filofax

This section I made myself and it’s placed at the front of my Filofax.  I use this to stick post-its on or to clip random pieces of paper I've written notes on.  The image came from a fine art catalogue which I then laminated.

My Diary Inserts

The diary section is perfect for keeping up to date with appointments and events that are about to occur and referencing past events..  My son recently had to fill out a form which required information a few months old, I was able to find all the relevant information he needed in my diary.

Meal Options & Menus

The meals section is where I write down meals we've eaten throughout the week.  Also I've written down a list of regular meals that we eat.  There’s nothing worse than my mind going blank and trying to remember the meals we often eat when I'm buying food in the supermarket.

Book & Kindle Section

Foggy thinking and concentration can be terrible.  I hardly read now but when I do I try to keep track of plot lines by making notes in my book and Kindle section.  This method also works well for TV dramas that have long seasons and regularly take breaks from the TV schedule.  

Health Section

My health care section is where I make medical notes.  The Doctors Notes page was created using a simple table.  All health notes are then transferred to Amazona A5 Filofax which I use exclusively for medical issues.

Emergency Cash

The back of my Filofax has a zip pocket which great for keeping five or ten pounds for emergencies incase I go out without my purse.  I have to say this it is exceptionally rare to go out without my purse.  I'm more likely to lend the money to one of my sons.

A lot of pages for my Filofax can be bought from Filofax UK who also stock a large selection of organisers and notebooks as well as refills.  More specialist pages can be downloaded from Philofaxy. Some of the pages in my Filofax I've designed myself with a very basic table or pages that I've cut from old notebooks.

As I said earlier I hope that fellow sufferers will find these Filofax tips helpful.  For me personally actually writing details down helps me retain large amounts of information much better.

Hopefully in my next post I will be able to show you my Amazona and how it helps me keep track of my health issues

Until next time

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Dashboards & Dividers

Island Escapes

For some time now I've been using my lovely Amazona Filofax to store my medical information. Of late there's been an exceptional amount of information to go inside it.  Because of its size it's excellent for storing lots of information that I need on a regular basis.


Not Sure Where This Beautiful Island Is, Sadly Trimmed Off Its Name

I use this divider in a diary I have created for medical notes.

French Polynesia

This is the divider I use in the section for appointments with my doctor.

Again Sadly I Trimmed Off The Location Of This Lovely Island Pool

This divider is in my Gynaecology section.

Stockholm Sweden

This divider is for my sleep clinic and insomnia section.  I have my first appointment with the sleep clinic on Saturday.

Santa Barbara Island

This divider is part of my thyroid section.

Another Unknown Location

This divider is for various bits and pieces until they are fitted into a specific section.

Island Escapes

The images all came from the above Marks & Spencer book Island Escapes which cost me £1 in the charity shop.

I decided to put so many dividers into my Amazona to try and lighten up the content.  So much seems to be happening to me medically at the moment and the images help me not to dwell on the issues too much.

The section names have been put onto luggage tags and laminated; hopefully I will be able to show them to you in my next post.

Until next time

Monday, 19 January 2015

My Filofax Week

My Week - Ending January 18th 2015

It's been quite a time since I've posted one but here's My Week.  I suppose lately it's become even more of diary (if that's possible) rather than just a place to keep my appointments. As you can see I had a very busy week last week with a hospital appointment and some blood tests at my doctor's surgery.  Also you can see that last week I used one of the diary pages I made from my Paperchase pad.  These pages are fantastic for using in my Songbird and so far no bleed through of ink.  Here is My Week and I hope you find it interesting.

My Week

Take care and I hope you all have a good week.

Until next time

Friday, 16 January 2015

Random Notes For My Filofax

What To Do With An Old Dodo

When I go to bed at night I'm always having thoughts for jobs that I need to do and don't want to forget.  What I've started doing recently is putting an old Dodo diary beside my bed for notes and then transferring the pages to my Filofax in the morning.

Old Dodo Pad

Inside The Dodo Pad

Inside My Songbird

This page is blank but some mornings I have filled the whole page with jobs and ideas.

As you may be aware I try not to waste paper and this I feel is an excellent way of using up an out of date diary that's never been used.  The rose at the top is just a post it note that I glued on to cover up an error I made on the page.

Until next time

Filofax Pages

The Many Uses Of A Paperchase Pad 

Firstly I would like to say Happy New Year to you all. Next I would like to apologise for my lack of posts in the last month or so.  Yet again I have been unwell.  The problem this time has been chronic fatigue and thyroid problems.  I've had these problems for some time but only been on medication for a week.  Also I have other medical problems which need to be resolved.  I've had a number of tests done and now I have to wait for the results.  I had some previous test results back recently and they have shown no serious issues.  I shall keep you posted when my test results come through.

For my first post of 2015 I want to share with you my purchase made yesterday at Paperchase. I bought myself this lovely weekly desk pad for £4.  This was half the normal price of £8.

Summer Odyssey Desk Pad With Sticky Notes

The to do section is excellent for exactly that purpose when I trim the paper to size and punch holes into the newly created page.

To Do Page In My Songbird

The notes section is also very useful when trimmed to size for all kinds of notes.


The other half of the notes section is useful for smaller notes.

I Want

The day section for notes is great for adding extra information into my Filofax diary area. Sometimes the week on two pages diary is insufficient.  This page can resolve the problem nicely.

Diary Notes

The desk pad sections are also excellent for using in my A5 Filofax organisers as my A5 Identity shows.

A5 Identity 

The pad has lots of pages so hopefully it will allow me to add pages to my Filofax organisers for quite some time.

Until next time