Monday, 2 November 2015

New To Do Lists Courtesy Of The Card Factory

To Do Lists For My A5 Finsbury

Firstly it's been some months since I've posted and yet again my absence is due to health reasons. Unfortunately I have had terrible chronic fatigue.  This had made concentration very difficult. I will post when I can but hopefully it won't be some months before I post again.  Here's my post for today.

Today I went in to town and came across theses pads in The Card Factory and I couldn't resist at £1.99 a pack.

List Packs From The Card Factory

When I don't want to print up lists this pack is excellent.  The pages are exactly the right size for my A5 Finsbury; all I have to do is punch holes in the lists.

The pads are extremely easy to remove without causing them any damage. 

Weekly List

The weekly list will be excellent for making extra notes and will fit nicely with to do lists or in my diary.

To Do List

I can never have too many to do lists, no matter how many I think I have in reserve I always need more.

Current List

They're very similar to a lot of my to do lists but at £1.99 I think they're excellent value for money and save me time printing.

I like to think they're a nice addition to my Filofax stationery.

Until next time


  1. Fantastic idea. I have had the words "half pages" on my to do list for ages.

  2. Glad to see you back! I love those lists - I'll have to get some - I'm thinking they'd be ideal for meal planning - meals on the weekly one and shopping list on the other!

  3. These are a great find. Interesting to see checkboxes on the right rather than the left.