Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Daily List

Lists For My A5 Finsbury

Firstly I just like to say I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  Mine was quite but very enjoyable. I know it's a little early but I also hope you have a fantastic New Year.

I recently changed my daily list so that it looked lot less rambling and more precise.  The paper I'm using for my list came from my six part Paperchase notebook.

Not My Best Photo - Paperchase Notepaper

I've divided my page up into the following sections: health, sleep, journal notes, to do, don't forget,shopping and appointments.


Some of my sections such as to do and shopping are obvious needs for a lot of lists. Sleep and journal notes are more personalised needs. I need to monitor my sleep pattern and insomnia for my specialist hence that's on the daily list. Journal notes make it much easier for me than carrying my journal everywhere when I'm out and about. I can then add my notes to my journal when I return home.

Completed Daily List

I'm trying to be economical with my paper so I'm now using the reverse side as well. I also flip the page over so the list is always on the right of my Filofax.  The header block is now at the bottom but that's not a problem.

I like to think it's a useful but not very expensive addition to my Filofax.

Until next time

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