Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Change Of Direction

My Travellers Notebook

I've been absent from my blog for a few months and all I can do is apologise.  All I can say to you is 'my chronic fatigue has been overwhelming'.

Because of my chronic fatigue I have taken a change of direction with my planner.  I still use my Filofax planner but I've had the need of late to simplify because of my fatigue. I've seen many travellers notebooks around but decided I wanted to keep mine simple and inexpensive.  My first Travellers Notebook is rich wine coloured leather and here it is.

The Top Of My Travellers Notebook

Travellers Notebook Sideways

Travellers Notebook Front Cover

Today when I went into town I came across these tabs on reduction at 50p, Fantastic for making top tabs for my Notebook.

Post It Tabs

It may not be one of my Filofax planners but I still can't resist personalising my notebook in a similar ways.

Until next time

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